Following are the some of UK Universities and Colleges which are being represented by us and where our students are studying and being graduated.

  1. College of Technology London
  2. University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  3. London School of Business Management
  4. ARI College London
  5. London South Bank University
  6. University of Sunderland
  7. University of Portsmouth
  8. West London College of Business and Management Sciences
  9. London Business College
  10. University of London
  11. Halifax College London
  12. South London College
  13. North West College London
  14. Ealing Hammersmith and West London College
  15. South Thames London College
  16. University of Chester
  17. Angila Ruskin University
  18. University of West London
  19. And many more…….

We have  lots of options for the Courses (Undergraduate, Post graduate, Vocational, Professional etc.), Colleges and Universities according to your suitability and requirement.

Please visit us with your CV and Academic documents and get counseled with our expert counselors to discuss on your study Plan in the UK . We guide you to select the right course and institution for your better career and education goals and most importantly we assist you for the entire Visa Application and documentation procedure to obtain entry clearance from the UK High Commission.