Introduction: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is the test to examine the English Proficiency of the students whose first or native language is not English. It’s an entry level criterion in colleges and universities in several countries chiefly among which is the United States .

Types of TOEFL:

a) CBT (Computer Based Test)

b) PBT (Paper Based Test)

c) iBT (Internet Based Test)

CBT-TOEFL and PBT- TOEFL assess only 3 Basic Language Skills Listening, Reading and Writing whereas iBT-TOEFL assesses four basic Language Skills: Listening, Reading , Writing and Speaking

iBT Introduction :In 2005, ETS introduced a next generation TOEFL test. It is an internet based test (iBT) that is delivered in secure testing centre around the world. The new TOEFL iBT test had been phased in starting September 2005. It was offered first in the United State in September 2005; and in Canada , France , Germany and Italy in October 2005. It has been introduced in the rest of the world from 2006. To find out when it will be available in any country, check at

It consists four sections

Test section

Number of Questions



3-5 passages, 12-14 questions each.

60-100 minutes


4-6 lectures, 6 questions each

2-3 conversation, 5 questions each

60-90 minutes


10 minutes


6 tasks : 2 independent and 4 integrated

20 minutes


1 integrated task

1 independent task

20 minutes

30 minutes

 Internet-based Test


Score Range











Registration Process:

TOEFL registration is made with online applications through  Pay with a credit/debit card: American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, MasterCard®, or Visa®. Or Himalayan Bank, Nabil Bank, Investment Bank etc. with student’s profile and identification (PP, Citizenship etc) certificates. The registration fee is 140 US $ + NRs 500 bank charge.

iBt rotational module implemented for Instruction at Earth Vision 

ø      Module 1:Week 1 reading and Week 2 reading
ø      Module 2:Week 3 listening and Week 4 listening
ø      Module 3 :Week 5 independent writing and Week 6 integrated writing
ø      Module 4:Week 7 speaking independent and Week 8 speaking

Class duration Time& Day:

Class duration is 8 weeks. (Monday to Friday 1 hour theory class and 4 hours Weekly test on every Sunday) 

Course Fee:

NRs 9500 (51% discount will be provided for all students and 5% plus discount will be provided for the full payment in advance)
Information Resource::

iBT Test Centre:

American Centre, Gyaneshwor and many other ETS Authorized Institutions in Nepal 

 We recommend one of the following TOEFL books to our students

A) Cliff’s TOEFL
B) Cambridge TOEFL
c) Princeton TOEFL
D) Baryon’s TOEFL
E) Power Rep ‘ETS’ Course
F) Arco Rep etc.

Students must take the Placement Test before joining the class. If the students get failed in the placement Test, we will help them to find a suitable English class which makes them eligible to join TOEFL preparation package.